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1. How do i sign up for StudentQR?

You can click to this link to register the details and choose your plan. The plan can be change based upon your school's request. If you are having trouble to register, contact our team at WhatsApp +60147261385 or email us at ""

2. Is there any payment charge required?

For attendance use, the system is free forever (included with 3 behavior items).

But if you would like to add more items such as merit demerit, discipline or anything for your school, it is free for the first month. It is free to let you experience the effectiveness of our system. The basic charge is only RM2.00 per student per month.

Refer here for our plans

3. What is the different between free , basic and unlimited plan?

The free plan is only for unlimited attendance.
The basic plan is for 6 items fully customizable behavior
The unlimited plan is for unlimited fully customizable behavior.
You can check out to this link for more info!

4. How long is the free trial for the Premium Plan?

The free trial for premium usually will be for one month. You can request for extended trial if you are interested to learn more.

5. Is the pricing included with QR Card? How if we want to subscribe system only?

Yes, the pricing is included with QR Card. Yes, you can also subscribe for the system only and the pricing will be different. Do contact our team for further information.

6. Which grade levels can use StudentQR system?

StudentQR can be used by all grade levels, from preschool until high school. Universities and other institutions can also use this system. StudentQR is also used in an exhibition to increase the engagement between exhibitors and visitors.

7. What equipment do you need to use StudentQR Points and what is included in the package subscription?

No equipment is needed! Just a mobile phone or tablet and install StudentQR Points application for Teachers or Parents. It can be downloaded from Appstore or Google Store. We also provide the tablets for school's to purchase which can be use to scan the student's attendance. Please contact us at this number +601114356132 to know more.

Upon subscription, you will be given access to the school's admin website, teacher's portal, and StudentQR Points application for Teachers and Parents. If you subscribe to the premium package, each student will be given a specially designed Card with a lanyard and cardholder.

8. How do schools can create behaviour?

Schools can create behaviour through admin website. Only authorized and appointed person in charge from schools can be an admin. If you want to add, create, delete, or edit the behaviour item, you may discuss it with the school's admin.

9. What are the activities or behavior that we can use for our school?

The activities or behavior is customizable based on your school's needs and wants.

Example for Islamic School:
- Check in check out
- Merit KAFA
- Hafaz New Surah

Example for International School
- Compliance
- Attentiveness
- Responsiveness

Example for Government School
- Kerohanian
- Kesalahan Disiplin
- Membantu Guru

You can click at this link for more example of behavior item!

10. Does this system suitable to record teacher's attendance and activities?

Yes of course! You can record daily attendance or you can also record attendance by subject. Check out to this link to know more on how to create subject attendance

11. Can I generate a monthly report for daily attendance and subject attendance?

Yes you can! Just click attendance > select month > click view attendance > at top right corner you can choose daily attendance or subject attendance > click 'ctrl+p' at your keyboard > download attendance report

12. Can we use to track cocurriculum and academic?

Yes you can download all recorded data in admin website. For further enquiries, can contact StudentQR team.

13. How to transfer current students to the new class? Is it difficult?

It is very easy to transfer the students to the new class. You can go to edit database > click the class > choose which class to transfer > select the students/class you want to transfer to the new class > done

14. My school have class, but we want group students in different category. Is it possible?

Yes, of course it is possible. You can create the group for the students at "Group" section.

15. Can school sort students by groups?

Yes. Schools can divide the students into groups such as house groups, co-curricular clubs, or else.

16. How to generate the e-certificate?

School's admin can generate the e-certificate to see the student's performance throughout the year. You can click at this link to generate the e-certificate

17. How to make an announcement using the application?

There are 2 types of notifications:
i) Notifications for teachers
How to create: click edit database > click notification > choose notification to teacher
ii) Notifications for students/parents via parents app
How to create: click edit database > click notification > choose notification to students/parents

Open StudentQR Points teacher's apps, then select all students from the list, click the announcement button, and add remarks. Write the announcement at the remarks button and then click proceed to blast to all selected students. You can refer to this link for the tutorial on how to make an announcement


1. How to login StudentQR App for teacher?

Teacher need to Install StudentQR Points for Educators using App Store or Google Play Store
google play:
apps store:

Then, login to the apps using emails provided by school for example:
Password: password

2. How to take attendance for students?

You may scan the student's QR Code or select a student from the list to take attendance.

3. What if the student loses the QR Code?

Admin may generate the new QR Code on the admin website. or teacher can select the name from "select from list" mode.

4. How to key in grade or temperature from the system?

You can use Kiosk Mode through teacher's app to key in the grade or temperature. For more tutorial, you can refer to this link

5. Can I key in the activities from my laptop?

Yes of course you can! Teachers can use our new teacher's portal to key in the student's activity by using laptop from this link

6. Can I key in the attendance for class subject?

Yes you can! Admin can create 1 item under subject attendance type.

7. Can i give points to the parent who pay their fees early or come to the meeting?

Yes of course! Admin can create 1 item for "pay early fees / come to meeting"

8. If any problems with the login, whom we need to contact?

If you happen to have problems with log in, you may first contact the school's admin. If you are still confused, you may directly contact the StudentQR team.


1. How to login to Parents app?

Step 1:
Parents can install Parents apps at Apple Store dan Google Play Store.

Apple Store:
Google Store:

Step 2:
Parents can login by using your own ID, for example: 0108241165 / 0137841802

2. How to use the Parents app?

First, you need to install StudentQR Points apps for Parents. You may log in using your ID, which you have provided to the school. You may view the student's activity and see how they are performing in school. Now, you can also reward points for students at home!

3. Can parent award points?

Yes! Parents can also award points for their children even when they are at home or on a holiday season. Now, we are encouraging parents to participate in our campaign which is Sahsiah From Home where they can reward points to their children.