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Frequently asked questions

What grade levels can use StudentQR system?

StudentQR can be used by all grade levels, from preschool until high school. Universities and other institutions can also use this system. StudentQR is also used in an exhibition to increase the engagement between exhibitors and visitors.

Why can I not log in to the system even if I have registered on the website?

Registration on our website means you agree to get updates by subscribing with us. Our team will contact you after you submit the form for the next step, which is the registration to the system using the email and WhatsApp number that you have provided to us.

What kind of equipment needed to use StudentQR system needed to use?

There is no additional equipment or hardware to purchase. StudentQR system is an App for smartphones and tablets. You may download the apps from the Apple Store and Google Play Store. There is no additional cost for the Apps.

Is there any payment charge required?

For attendance use, the system is free forever.

But if you would like to add more items cush as merit demerit, discipline or anything for your school, it is free for first month. It is free to let you experience the effectiveness of our system. After one month, if you agree, we will negotiate the price. The basic charge is only RM4.00 per student per month. Refer to the price plan here

Can I use the system only for my class?

Yes, why not! The minimum amount of students is in one class and one teacher. The maximum is one whole school to be registered in the system.

How to contact directly? Is there any contact number?

You may contact us directly at WhatsApp +60147261385 or email us at ""

How to use the teacher app?

First, you need to install StudentQR Points apps for Parents. You may log in using your ID, which you have provided to the school. You may view the student's activity and see how they are performing in school. Now, you can also reward points for students at home!

How to make an announcement?

Open StudentQR Points teacher's apps, then select all students from the list, click the announcement button, and add remarks. Write the announcement that you want to make and then click proceed to blast to all selected students.

How do schools can create behavior?

Schools can create behavior by the admin website. Only authorized people from schools can be an admin. If you want to add, create, delete, or edit the behavior item, you may discuss it with the school's admin.

How to generate the certificate?

School's admin can generate the e-certificate. Kindly contact the school admin to generate the e-certificate to see the student's performance throughout the year.

If any problems with the login, who we need to contact?

If you happen to have problems with log in, you may first contact the school's admin. If not, you may directly contact StudentQR team.

How long is the free trial for Premium Plan?

The free trial for premium usually will be for one month. You can request for extended trial if you interested to learn more.

Can parent award points?

Yes! Now, parents can also award points for their children even when they are at home or on a holiday season.

Can school sort students by groups?

Yes. Schools can divide the students into groups such as house groups, co-curricular clubs, or else.

What if the student lost the QR Code?

Admin may generate the new QR Code on the admin website. or teacher can select the name from "select from list" mode.

How many behavior items that school can create?

Unlimited! It depends on the school's preferences and needs.

How to take attendance for students?

You may scan the student's QR Code or select student from list to take attendance.